With us, quality is not a single word, it is a way to work and live. The client is treated as a partner. This requires knowledge of these needs and meet contractual commitments.

We produce aluminum ingots of 7 kg according to customer specifications.

fabrications lingots

We manufacture and/or develop

  • Specialized casting alloy
  • Custom Casting alloy
  • Common Casting alloy
  • Master alloy based on aluminum
  • Exotic Alloy and/or non-common alloy

Our service includes

  • Alloying to your specifications
  • The packaging
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Technical support
  • Fast and quick delivery
  • High Quality Product


  • We serve a global market and work closely with the producers of primary aluminum  
  • Production control and custom
  • Complete expertise in the production of aluminum alloys
  • We work in partnership with several private and public research centers on aluminum