Over the past 25 years, we have developed several related services to meet the needs of aluminum plants.


  • Cleaning and maintaining of all types of siphons
  • Cleaning and dismantling of crucibles of all sizes
  • Salvaging and overhauling of frozen aluminum inside the crucibles and siphons
  • Retrieving and completing or partial dismantling or other equipment with crucibles of refractory
  • Cleaning and dismantling of metal slabs, scuppers casts, molds, boxes.
  • Sealing of all anode and cathode: To meet the specific needs of our customers, we offer the sealing of anodes and cathodes. We are able to respond quickly to the demand. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to control the most critical specifications our customers

scellement anode

With the help of our various types of equipment, our expertise allows us to remove and recover aluminum, bath, alumina or any other contaminant. We can either return the form of ingots, bulk or bagged.