We offer the following services for all types of mining and industrial residues


  • We store in appropriate buildings. (40,000 sq.ft.)
  • Bulk or bagged

Crushing in various sizes


  • We have several types of crushers to process your residues
  • We have different types of tools installed on excavators

Screening in various sizes

  • We have several types of screens and grids


Packing in bags of 10 kg to 1000 kg

Hand sorting, magnetic and different separators


  • We can draw moisture from all types of materials
  • We have different ovens for drying

Other decontamination processes developed by our internal team

We have the following expertise

  • Dismantling of anodes and cathodes waste
  • Different mobile devices
  • Team of employees to work in aluminum smelters
  • Technical expertise in research project
  • Starting new process